Coaching Management Software In Patna, Bihar

Webgany coaching management software the powerful coaching management system in Patna, Bihar. 5+ years experience in coaching management software in Patna, Bihar. More than 20+ satisfied software users. Webgany school management software became one of the most feature pack coaching management software in Patna, Bihar.

Are you looking for a best coaching management software in Patna, Bihar? So Webgany Services is great option for the coaching management software in Patna, Bihar. Webgany Services provides a wide range of services such as coaching software in Patna, digital marketing for coaching in Bihar, graphic design for coaching in Bihar Webgany services have been doing excellent work for the last three years such as software development in Bihar, digital marketing in Bihar.

coaching management software

Coaching Management Software Features :-
1. Admin Module - In admin module admin can manage every things in coaching management software like assign task to staff, teacher and librarian etc.
2. Student Module - In student module, student can see the home work, download the asignment, noticication and submit their assignement etc.
3. Fee Module - In fee module, accountant can manage all the fee related work like fee collection,
4. Expense Module - In Expense Module you can add expense details for your coaching.
5. Enquiry Module - In Enquiry module any can submit enquiry thourgh website.
6. Report Module - In report module you see all the report of student and staff and you can also download in pdf, excel and word format.

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