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Everything you see is attractive to you. More than one name, color, design, logo, brand name etc will appear. There is an attraction in these things. It was made by humans like you. All this work is counted in the subject of graphic designing. Career is also becoming digital in the fast digital world. This means that many old works are being done by hand and hundreds of new works are being done by computerized machines. It also includes the name of graphic design. And in this article, I am giving you complete information about Graphic Designing. For the convenience of study, I have divided this article into the following parts.

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What is Graphic Designing?
Graphic design is an art of presenting experience through concepts and ideas. Contains both visual and text. This definition of graphic design is given by the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA). Wikipedia defines graphic designing as follows. “Graphic design is the process of visual communication and problem-solving through the use of typography, photography, iconography and illustration.”
In simple words, the work of presenting ideas, experiences through a visual medium is called graphic designing. In which special effects are created with pictures, words, symbols and a mixture of all to make information accessible to the people. Including achieving the goal. After studying these definitions, it is known that the word graphic in graphic designing means visual. So, it's all about the visuals. And this scene could be anything. In which from companies logos to business cards and websites to letter pads. Today our life revolves around digital media. Now take your mobile phone only. You visit different apps, websites every day. Some apps and websites attract you at first sight. The reason behind this is its layout which has been prepared by the graphic designer. Creating graphics is the main objective in graphic designing. These created graphics are widely used in printing, websites and other fields. Along with this, from the private sector to big businessmen and governments, their works, products are made to reach the common people.

Elements of graphics designing -
Whenever a picture is designed, some elements are used in that vision and following are some of the main elements used in graphic designing.

1. Line - The most basic element of any design is the line. This line can be straight, curved, dimensional, three dimensional.

1. Shape - It means shape. This is a 2D area that can be created with the help of lines. Variety of shapes in a design, such as; Geometric, Abstract, Organic Shapes etc. are used.

1. Color - Now color is an important element in any design which gets the most attention. What is the color family, how dark should a color be and what should be its quality? It is the job of a graphic designer to take care of other things.

1. Typography - Typography is the art of arranging text. Typography does the job of converting any design into a message. When text is added to any design, proper use of bold, italic text along with taking care of color, spacing is also included.

1. Size - Size matters a lot in designing. Therefore, when size is used in the design, the size of the text etc. matters a lot. Which makes that design look good.

1. Space - Space means that how much space is left in the design that has been prepared? Because when a design is prepared, the space between the text, the image is important. A graphic designer understands the merits of the space element very well.

1. Texture - Text is a visual thing in a design. This is known as the textile quality of the surface of an object. After seeing the texture in a design, it directly touches the senses in the human mind. By looking at the image, a person likes or dislikes it.

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