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Today's time is dominated by smartphones, you will find users of smartphones everywhere and you will get a maximum number of users of Android in smartphones too! In which most applications are used. Through the application, the user can get any information very easily, so the business of Android application is increasing. The market of Android application is increasing day by day, according to a survey every Indian spends about 50 minutes on his smartphone every day and the good thing is that smartphones are being used by all types of people, whether poor or rich download some entertainment apps and some download their business-related apps.

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What is Android What is Android?
Android is an operating system, just like a computer, the laptop has a Windows operating system, similarly, a smartphone has an Android operating system, it is a Linux based system, it is useful only for mobile, in today's time the demand for Android smartphones is increasing continuously. That's why changes are happening from time to time in the Android operating system. Initially Android was only for mobile. Now it is slowly catching up in the SmartWatch, Auto, TV sector as well. About 70% of the applications in the world are used for Android, so the demand for App Developer is increasing in companies making Android applications, so if you have a little interest in this field, then it can prove to be better for you.

How many types of applications are there -
1. Gaming App
2. Education App
3. Online Shopping App
4. Food Delivery
5. Hotel Booking App
6. Online Cab Booking App
7. Sports App etc.

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